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Pravega metrics are collected and exposed via Flink metrics framework when using FlinkPravegaReader or FlinkPravegaWriter.

Reader Metrics

The following metrics are exposed for FlinkPravegaReader related operations:

Name Description
readerGroupName The name of the Reader Group.
scope The scope name of the Reader Group.
streams The fully qualified name (i.e., scope/stream) of the streams that are part of the Reader Group.
onlineReaders The readers that are currently online/available.
segmentPositions The StreamCut information that indicates where the readers have read so far.
unreadBytes The total number of bytes that have not been read yet.

Writer Metrics

For FlinkPravegaWriter related operations, only the stream name is exposed:

Name Description
streams The fully qualified name of the stream i.e., scope/stream

Querying Metrics

The metrics can be viewed either from Flink UI or using the Flink REST API (like below):

curl -i -s -f /jobs/<JOB-ID>/vertices/<SOURCE-TASK-ID>/metrics?get=0.Source__<SOURCE-OPERATOR-NAME>.PravegaReader.readerGroup.readerGroupName

curl -i -s -f /jobs/<JOB-ID>/vertices/<SOURCE-TASK-ID>/metrics?get=0.Source__<SOURCE-OPERATOR-NAME>.PravegaReader.readerGroup.scope

curl -i -s -f /jobs/<JOB-ID>/vertices/<SOURCE-TASK-ID>/metrics?get=0.Source__<SOURCE-OPERATOR-NAME>.PravegaReader.readerGroup.streams

curl -i -s -f /jobs/<JOB-ID>/vertices/<SOURCE-TASK-ID>/metrics?get=0.Source__<SOURCE-OPERATOR-NAME>.PravegaReader.readerGroup.onlineReaders

curl -i -s -f /jobs/<JOB-ID>/vertices/<SOURCE-TASK-ID>/metrics?get=0.Source__<SOURCE-OPERATOR-NAME>

curl -i -s -f /jobs/<JOB-ID>/vertices/<SOURCE-TASK-ID>/metrics?get=0.Source__<SOURCE-OPERATOR-NAME>.PravegaReader.readerGroup.unreadBytes