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The Flink connector library for Pravega supports the Flink Streaming API, Table API and Batch API, using a common configuration class.

Table of Contents

Common Configuration

PravegaConfig Class

A top-level config object, PravegaConfig, is provided to establish a Pravega context for the Flink connector. The config object automatically configures itself from environment variables, system properties and program arguments.

PravegaConfig information sources is given below:

Setting Environment Variable /
System Property /
Program Argument
Default Value
Credentials - -
Hostname Validation - true

Creating PravegaConfig

The recommended way to create an instance of PravegaConfig is to pass an instance of ParameterTool to fromParams:

ParameterTool params = ParameterTool.fromArgs(args);
PravegaConfig config = PravegaConfig.fromParams(params);

If your application doesn't use the ParameterTool class that is provided by Flink, create the PravegaConfig using fromDefaults:

PravegaConfig config = PravegaConfig.fromDefaults();

The PravegaConfig class provides a builder-style API to override the default configuration settings:

PravegaConfig config = PravegaConfig.fromDefaults()

Using PravegaConfig

All of the various source and sink classes provided with the connector library have a builder-style API which accepts a PravegaConfig for common configuration. Pass a PravegaConfig object to the respective builder via withPravegaConfig. For example, see below code:

PravegaConfig config = ...;

FlinkPravegaReader<MyClass> pravegaSource = FlinkPravegaReader.<MyClass>builder()

Understanding the Default Scope

Pravega organizes streams into scopes for the purposes of manageability. The PravegaConfig establishes a default scope name that is used in two scenarios:

  1. For resolving unqualified stream names when constructing a source or sink. The sources and sinks accept stream names that may be qualified (e.g. my-scope/my-stream) or unqualified (e.g. my-stream).
  2. For establishing the scope name for the coordination stream underlying a Pravega Reader Group.

It is important to note that, the FlinkPravegaReader and the FlinkPravegaTableSource use the default scope configured on PravegaConfig as their Reader Group scope, and provide withReaderGroupScope as an override. The scope name of input stream(s) doesn't influence the Reader Group scope.